About Us

Tony Lihalakha – Managing Partner

About Us

Tony founded nxtgrade to open up access to wealth building opportunities through real estate ventures. There is nothing more powerful than the potential of an amazing team. Nxtgrade is built on a foundation of strong partners who capitalize, build, operate affordable housing options caring about investor experience and how all our assets impact tenants and the community.
Tony actively owns, operates, renovates multifamily properties and also passively invests in commercial deals. A journey that’s made him passionate about empowering like-minded individuals.

What We do

Buy Well

We thoroughly vet and buy multi-family and commercial properties with a specific set of criteria.

Increase Value

We strategically improve the performance of the asset through physical upgrades and operational improvements.

Realize Value

Distribute cash flow and sale proceeds to investors. Tenants get to thrive in safe, clean, affordable communities. Chain of professionals get to work with us through multiple investments. Everyone thrives!

Asset Classes


The apartment market continues to boom! Not only do you get a dependable income stream from your investment, predictability and strong demand positions apartments as one of the best asset classes out there. We focus in class B/C properties in great locations with value added opportunities. We then nurture the asset to its full potential increasing income and value.

Focus markets

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